Major Israeli Banks – Banks in Israel

Bank Hapoalim 
bank hapoalim logo
Bank Hapoalim is Israel’s largest bank. The bank has a significant presence in global financial markets. In Israel, it has over 600 ATMs and 250 bank branches


Bank Leumi

leumi logoBank Leumi founded on February 27, 1902. Established by the Government. Only In Israel, it has over 400 ATMs and 200 bank branches.


Discount Bank 

Discount Bank LogoDiscount Bank Of Israel is one of Israel’s three largest banks, with 260 branches all over Israel. Established in 1935



Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot
Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot logo

Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot is the fourth largest bank in Israel. It has around 140 branches. The bank is the largest among Israel’s mortgage lenders



Bank Mercantile

mercantile logoBank Mercantile is a major commercial bank in Israel, and is a subsidiary of Israel Discount Bank. Was founded in 1971.
The Bank has more than 80 branches all over Israel.

Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal

bank-ozar logoBank Otsar Ha Hayal was founded in 1946. It’s Bank that was serving only military people and now it accepts all customers.
The bank has more that 50 branches all over Israel.

First International Bank of Israel

First International Bank of Israel

First International Bank of Israel is the fifth largest bank in Israel.
Was founded in 1972. The bank has more then 100 branches all over Israel.

Union Bank of Israel

Union Bank of Israel logo

Union Bank of Israel is one of the largest banks in Israel, also known as Bank Igud. Was founded in 1951. The bank has 45 branches all over Israel.




Bank of Jerusalem

Bank of Jerusalem
Bank of Jerusalem

The “Bank of Jerusalem Ltd.” was established in 1963. The Bank has 18 branches in Israel and its headquarters are in Jerusalem and at Airport City. The Bank belongs to Export Investment Corporation Ltd. – a public company. The shares of Export Investment Corporation Ltd. are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Most of the shares are owned by the Shoval family.